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We conduct all of our auto body repair work under this “LEAN” process to ensure that we never cram in work in an inefficient approach that would include blind spots and errors. We work from the perspective of the paying customer and desire to continually work from a mind set where we consistently provide desirable and highly accurate repairs and service.

When we switched to a “LEAN” production process, we went from 2 auto body technicians (body and paint) working on a vehicle to 10 to 12 auto body technicians working on a vehicle to complete the 10 Stages in the “LEAN” process that create flow and sustainability. Our customers are updated through a phone call, text message or email on their car’s repair progress every Tuesday and Thursday.

1. Write an estimate.

We write an estimate based on the visible damage to your car. If we find hidden damage, we will add an addition to your estimate that will include the part price increases.

6. Prime and Prep

During this step, we prepare your vehicle to be painted. At Big Sky, we utilize the latest and greatest in computer technology for the best color match and cleanest finish.

2. Schedule a Repair

We schedule a repair by setting up a drop off date and time, help set up a rental car, and notify your insurance company.

7. Paint Staging

We paint vehicles in our state-of-the-art “down draft” paint booths. We view painting as an art, and we believe that a proper factory finish is only accomplished with current training and the essential equipment.

3. Verify and Check

Verify your information and check your care into our LEAN Process.  We pre-wash your car to check all visible damage and ensure the cleanest repair.

8. Buffing panels

At this stage, we buff all of our painted panels to gain the highest quality of refinish. We have skilled technicians who produce showroom finishes. We are known to buff a scratch on your car that isn’t related to your repair for FREE!

4. Teardown

After we complete the teardown of the broken and damaged parts, we have an estimator, a parts expeditor, production manager, and a technician evaluate the repair order to complete the Repair Plan.

9. Reassemble vehicle

In this second to the last step, we simply put your vehicle back together. We are able to flawlessly reassemble your car by following our detailed Repair Plan.

5. Body staging

During the body stage, we repair and replace panels. Our auto body technicians our highly qualified in panel repairs and replacements, major body panel replacement and frame pulls. They posses the the most prestigious manufacturer training.

10. Detail the car

This last step is like a spa treatment for your vehicle! Our detail team takes pride in ensuring your vehicle looks new when you pick it up.

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